We design personalized roadmaps that motivate the right actions, behaviors, and results.

We are in the human development and asset management business; we focus on everything that has to do with people and the resources they need to strive in society and build legacies.

We provide practical applications for socio-economic development. At the core of our services is the strengthening of social relationships. Formal and informal associations, networks, and extended families are treated as assets and as the means to mobilize and develop other assets. Our expertise varies from talent development to health and wealth management.

We network with experienced professionals and social enterprises that help people and communities adapt to a fast-changing world. Our network offers strategic insight, consulting services, and training to support individuals, community leaders, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to expand their reach and make a more powerful impact wherever help is needed. 

As a social capital development and management firm, we take a hands-on approach to supporting our partners, working collaboratively to spark positive change by pouring donors’ contributions and investment dollars into underdeveloped communities. Through our three-tiered approach, which targets socio-economic development projects in the U.S. and abroad, we labor to build communities’ resiliency, empower the next generation of leaders, and elevate the quality of life for all.

Wherever we focus our efforts, our drive is the belief that we can solve any problem at its roots when we work together for good.

Humanity to the Rescue
Humanity to the Rescue


Brokerage Services

Our networks of professionals, agencies, and institutional actors act as pivotal resources to identify, mobilize, and galvanize support for community development.

Human Development

We empower, uplift, and take pride in helping people achieve a lifestyle beyond their immediate goals — unveiling their strengths and potential.

Fiduciary Support

We believe speaking to a financial advisor can be one of the most powerful strategies for social change. HTTR transforms lives via risk management, wealth accumulation, and protection.

Asset Management

We identify problems or challenges in your investment portfolio and develop strategies to overcome them; These can range from day-to-day money management to planning for longer-term goals.


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Humanity to the Rescue