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Humanity to the Rescue (HTTR) provides personalized roadmaps for socio-economic development that motivate the right actions, behaviors, and results. As a human development and asset management business, we leverage people and resources to build legacies and create a better world.

Our services are designed to strengthen social relationships, treating formal and informal associations, networks, and extended families as assets that can be mobilized and developed for positive change. With expertise from talent development to health and wealth management, we partner with experienced professionals and social enterprises to offer strategic insights, consulting services, and training to support individuals, community leaders, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

As a social capital development and management firm, we take a hands-on approach to supporting our partners, pouring donors' contributions and investment dollars into underdeveloped communities. Our three-tiered approach targets socio-economic development projects in the U.S. and abroad, laboring to build communities' resiliency, empower the next generation of leaders, and elevate the quality of life for all.

Our firm is driven by the belief that we can solve any problem at its roots by working together for good. Whether focusing our efforts in the U.S. or abroad, we believe in sparking positive change by collaborating with our partners and utilizing our expertise in human development and asset management. Our ultimate goal is to create a better world by empowering individuals and communities to reach their full potential.


Brokerage Services: Leveraging Social Capital within a Community

Brokerage services are vital in developing social capital within a community as they facilitate connections, create opportunities for collective action, and promote community empowerment. These services bridge social divides by connecting individuals and groups from different backgrounds or social circles, promoting a sense of shared identity and purpose. Furthermore, brokerage services mobilize resources and promote cooperation, leading to collective action and community development. Brokerage services promote social capital, empower communities, and foster trust, collaboration, and shared values and goals.

Building Social Capital through Workforce Development

Workforce development is vital in building social capital within a community by providing individuals with the necessary tools and resources to increase their earning potential, foster social connections, and build trust and cohesion. It enables access to training and job opportunities, leading to improved financial stability while bringing individuals together to establish relationships and opportunities for collaboration. This, in turn, leads to a shared sense of responsibility toward the community's well-being and increased participation in community initiatives, strengthening social capital.

Final Expense Insurance and Its Benefits

Final expense insurance promotes preparedness and resilience in the community by offering financial stability, encouraging planning, and fostering social connection. It helps reduce the financial burden on families. It encourages end-of-life planning, building more robust social networks, and reducing the stigma around death and dying. Overall, final expense insurance can play a valuable role in enhancing the overall well-being and resilience of the community.

Asset Management Strategies for Economic and Social Development

Asset management is necessary to promote economic growth and social development within a community. Asset managers can leverage their expertise to build partnerships and collaborations, encourage community participation and engagement, and foster social capital development by effectively managing resources and prioritizing community needs. By working together to address shared challenges and opportunities, asset management can help to unlock the full potential of a community's resources, driving economic growth and improving the overall well-being of its residents.

Humanity to the Rescue


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